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3,500,000,000 btThe Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel is located on 18 acres of prime land, nestled between Ton Sai Bay and the Loh Dalum Bay. The low-rise resort is built to reflect the modern Thai architecture overlooking both bays. Its 162 rooms are spacious with panoramic view of the Andaman sea. Phi Phi Island Cabana Hotel is the first and the only luxury hotel located on this prime sport. The first hotel for the travellers on Phi Phi, The Phi Phi Island Cabana began taking travellers on trips to the island twenty years ago. Since that time, the hotel has maintained a policy of developing their accommodation and services while the same time helping to protect and maintain the environment of the island.
Property Type: HOTEL
Property Location: PHIPHI
Property Size: 18 Acres
Number Of Bedrooms: 162
Number Of Bathrooms: 0